About Perichi


My name is Perichiappan usually they call me as Perichi Or Peri.

I am a post graduate engineer turned out to be a finance man after joining a nationalised bank in India .Dealt various type of Human Commodities in my career of 21 years in the bank across the length and breadth of Indian country( north and south).Five years back I have joined an import and export company as Financial Controller in Singapore.

More than one year I was a chief finance officer in Drilling and oil exploration Company in Kazakstan. Now in Singapore as General manager of an Import and Export company.

Exposed to various culture– North Indian/ South Indian/ Chinese/Malay/ Russian. Able to speak 7 Indian Languages and Russian.Little Chinese and Malay.

Having Hobbies like Cooking, Astrology,Horoscope Reading,Numerology,Prasanna Horoscope casting , book writing etc. Four books on Banking written by me were well received by banking communities.

Having come across various practical points- be in buying of variuos appliances( TV.-LCD/Plasma,DVD, Home Theatre system, Audio System,Micro Oven, Fridge,washing machines food processor, computer-desk top, laptop, Pda, Mobile Phones etc) vehicles,health, astrology, Home Hints, Make up Receipes from Kitchen, Cloth Size,Shoe Size,Investments,Shastras – That means all the things you should know in day to day life-I have decided to incorporate all the details in this website for the knowledge of the readers.Also I am adding horoscope prediction and matching of Horoscope Shortly.

Consultation on vasthu also will be given shortly.

In a Month time nearly 90 % will be uploaded in the site. Any improvement / or suggestion pls feel free to advise me to my email address Perichi@gmail.com.

Any articles the reader wishes to add can email to me and which will be published with the name of the contributor.

To view the articles Pls Click the relevant categories

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32 thoughts on “About Perichi

  1. Dear Sir,
    I had gone through your website and found to be interesting and informative. For novice users like me you have to explain some what the technical terms which as a novice user are not aware of.


  2. Dear Mr Perichi

    It`s very informative.I have seen your earlier publishings on banking which was very well received in the banking sector.A very good attempt.


  3. I think this is a very useful website for people from all walks of life. Looking forward to information on recipes of chettinad delicacies.
    Once again, well done.

  4. 1 how short names and pet names are used in numerology, because most of didn’t use full names at all time?

    2 is there any method of strengthing our name number with out changing the name? i seen some methods of writing severel times writing our modified name ourself?

  5. Действительно удивили и порадовали 🙂 Никогда не поверил бы, что даже такое бывает 🙂

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